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Paddle-Wheel Star by Helena Stylianides


Paddle-Wheel Star by Helena Stylianides

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Helena Stylianides

Helena Stylianides


01522 568 658

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A 9 - point star shaped carving. Each point has a central ridge with angled facets carved across the grain. There is a slight twist along the grain of each 'paddle' joining the two sides suggesting dynamic movement. The 9 - pointed star represents the Ninefold Goddess "three times three, the most sacred of all numbers." Nine is the number of completion, the end of one cycle and the beginning of another. The work is finished with teak and Danish oils.

Artwork Details

Dimensions:   33 x 30 x 18cm

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Packing:   Securely wrapped and packaged for delivery

Postage (International):   £45.00

Postage (UK):   £20.00

Postage details:   By courier

Returns policy:   Full refund if returned within 30 days

Style:   Organic abstract





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