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Sea Dragon (Lamprey) by Helena Stylianides


Sea Dragon (Lamprey) by Helena Stylianides

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Helena Stylianides

Helena Stylianides


01522 568 658

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A fantastical water creature, partly akin to a lamprey due to the wide sucker-like mouth, and partly akin to a dragon due to long narrow wings on each side of its slender body. It has a closed eye on one side and on the other a rich-red knotted and pointed, gouged eye socket. A pointed tail is bent and tucked under its belly. The upper and lower areas of the body are patterned with scale-like gouge marks. Tinting is used to enhance the wings and belly. Its internal story is associated with King John s unfortunate reign and his death that, some say, was caused by a surfeit of lampreys. Shakes along the length of the carving are an accepted part of the work. The sculpture is finished with teak and Danish oil.

Artwork Details

Dimensions:   69 x 13 x 10cm

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Packing:   The sculpture will be securely wrapped and packaged

Postage (International):   £30.00

Postage (UK):   £15.00

Postage details:   By courier

Returns policy:   Full refund if returned within 30 days

Style:   Organic - figurative





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