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Squid by Helena Stylianides


Squid by Helena Stylianides

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Helena Stylianides

Helena Stylianides


01522 568 658

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A single piece of fruitwood (damson) with a dark red heart centre. The work is delineated in two halves, and emphasised by using a dark tint - the head end marked by an under cut rim, and the other half is sectioned lengthwise into tentacles surrounding a cavity at their centre. The form is based on squid and cuttlefish type marine creatures. The carving finished with coats of teak and Danish oils. Shakes along the length of the carving are an accepted part of the work.

Artwork Details

Dimensions:   66 x 15 x 13cm

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Packing:   Securely wrapped and packaged for courier delivery

Postage (International):   £65.00

Postage (UK):   £25.00

Postage details:   By courier

Returns policy:   Full refund if returned within 30days

Style:   Organic - figurative





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