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Brian Reed

I like to think my paintings occupy an inbetween expressionist world of the abstract and reality, regardless of the choice of subject matter. Colours can change dramatically often in a surprising way purely to increase the dynamics of the composition. Subjects include, Reflections in Moving Water, Cathedrals/Abbeys, Effects of Sun on Landscape and Buildings, Townscapes, Gardens, Figure studies. Abstract work. I have had several solo shows in Yorkshire and now exhibit in small galleries and group shows.

Originally from Gainsborough, I studied Graphic Design and Painting at LIncoln College of Art in the 60s and became a Graphic Designer and illustrator in a number of agencies in the North and Midlands.

Later, a teaching qualification lead to fine art teaching positions for many years in further education at Halifax and Leeds colleges. Presently, I do a little private tutelage in Wetherby, concentrating on world famous artists and art movement techniques.


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