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  • John Margetts
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John Margetts

My photography is split between old fashioned film photography and modern digital - both have their advantages and weaknesses. I also split my work between monochrome and colour.

I am primarily a landscape photographer inspired by man\'s effect on the landscape. I split my work 50:50 with film and digital capture and most of the photographs I offer here will be taken on black-and-white film with my vintage cameras. An early focus of my interest in photography was the relics of the Cornish mining industry in their rural environment. I am still very interested in the impact of human activity in the landscape. Now I really enjoy the juxtaposition or rural and urban in my life as I live in the City of Lincoln but also have several countryside interests. My work reflects this.

Recently, I have become interested in photographing Lincoln - both the buildings and the people. Most of this I am doing with my vintage cameras and old-style film as I find digital images of Lincoln to


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